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ATAX as Commercial demolition company

"ATAX the Deconstruction Demolition and Disposal company" provides commercial demolition services for all your needs.

"ATAX the Deconstruction Demolition and Disposal Company" has the experience and knowledge that comes with years of experience in demolition.

"ATAX the Deconstruction Demolition and Disposal Company" can handle both the small jobs and the big jobs.

Why Choose Commercial Demolition?

There are many reasons why you might be considering commercial demolition.

Commercial demolition is frequently used to tear down old structures to make way for new development.

Some of the reasons you may be considering commercial demolition:

  • Preparing a sight for development by removing old structures
  • Renovating old office spaceDeveloping new commercial property
  • Changing a commercial space from one type of use
  • (an office for instance) to another type of use
  • (a restaurant as an example)

Residential/ Commercial Demolition Services in cantons of switzerland:

Need Swimming Pool Removal, House Demolition, Garage demolition or any other Demolition services?

Then we are the right Demolition Services company for you to contact.

We have years of experience in demolition services of all kinds and have grown confident over the years as a Demolition Contractor Company in our expertise and professionalism.

However, we are not just a demolition contractor; we are also contractors of many different services that greatly compliment our demolition tasks.

Our customers choose us because our demolition contractor provides the finest professional servicing, at a great price that’s hard to beat.

Over the years we have developed an understanding of what our customers expect from a demolition company.

Using that gained knowledge gives a great understanding of how to run our business and lends us an edge against all the competition

We offer it all and can accomplish many services.

Excavation and Grading services, Warehouse/ Office demolition, Pool, Jacuzzi and Spa demolition.

Bobcat, Hand demolition, building gutting, deconstructions, Roof deolitions, facade dismantling, disassemblies, Driveway / Asphalt removal, concrete removal and many more in cantons ZH AG BS BL SO BE LU ZG SZ UR GL GR SG AI AR TG SH OW NW.